Why is specialist talent advice even more important in times of many candidates coming on the market?

When there are many candidates on the market, it is even more important to seek specialist advice from consultants with real-world industry experience to ensure that you hire the right candidates. This is particularly true in industries like media, marketing, advertising, Adtech, and Martech, which are fast-paced and constantly evolving.

The recent big layoffs from tech giants like Google and Facebook have led to an influx of candidates entering the job market. These candidates come from well-known companies and have impressive resumes, but they may not always be a good fit for smaller companies that are more dynamic in nature.

Smaller companies often require employees who are adaptable and able to work in a fast-paced environment. Candidates from big-name companies may be used to a more structured and hierarchical work environment, which may not always be suitable for smaller companies.

Hiring managers should resist the temptation to simply hire from big names and must make sure there is a real match between the candidate and the company culture. A mishire can be extremely expensive, both in terms of the time and resources invested in the recruitment process and the impact on the company’s performance.

Specialist consultants with real-world industry experience can provide valuable insights and guidance on the hiring process, ensuring that the right candidates are selected. They can help identify the skills and experience required for the role and match them with the right candidates, taking into account the company culture and environment.

In conclusion, when there are many candidates on the market, it is essential to seek specialist advice to ensure that you hire the right candidates. This will help to minimize the risk of mishires and ensure that the company’s goals and objectives are met in the long term.

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