Nerds Who Can Talk

We all love them. We all need them. You might not know it yet – but YOU can’t live without them…

Now it’s time to buy the damn T-Shirt.

They’re the unicorns of tech who have a deep understanding of technology + the technical skills to pay the bills, who can ALSO talk the talk – synthesise and communicate complex concepts, systems and tech to your stakeholders and prospective customers.

They are the missing link between the zeros and ones, and the extra zeros on your business’s bottom line.

NWCTs are human capital. They are Uncommonly Valuable Business Assets – increasingly so…


Because AI is doing more and more of the heavy lifting that our beloved tech-ninjas once did – which means the need for people who know the technology AND ALSO possess the so-called SOFT SKILLS of exceptional communication, strategy, relationship management and team leadership is growing too. 

In short? Nerds Who Can Talk.

The problem YOU HAVE is two fold:

  1. These tech whisperers are rare
  2. Most people don’t know how to talk to them

Honestly? Most high-street recruiters don’t know how to find them, let alone how to engage with them respectfully and effectively.

NWCTs are incredibly sought after, uncommonly talented folk who know their worth, expect respect and only have time for people who can walk their walk, talk their talk:

Uncommon People like them…


We know them. Our people have worked alongside them in the tech-trenches of the 90s and 00’s. We’re peers, we’re comrades, we speak their language. 


Make no mistake, with the rapid ascension of AI, you’re going to need the most credible talent acquisition partner in market to even be a contender when it comes to accessing uncommonly valuable talent.

Don’t waste your time on cereal-box recruiters who simply don’t have the right networks.

Don’t waste your budget on people who can’t have the quality of conversation with talent now, that will matter most for your business in ten years time.

Because you know who Shane from Recruity McRuiters is gonna call when he runs down your budget chasing these precious unicorns?

US. Shane’s gonna call us. Pleading for help.

Want to talk to Nerds Who Can Talk? (and believe us, you do)

Cut to the chase. Talk to Uncommon People. We’re your backstage pass.