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What We Care About

Our Values drive us forward, differentiate us from the competition and guide our interactions with clients and candidates alike. 

We know that everything we do reflects on the relationships we create and the success we accomplish. 

Uncommon People strives to make every moment live up to our Values.

1. Competence

We help our clients attract, retain, train and grow the most competent workforces in their industry. Clients and candidates alike recognise us for our competence.

2. Confidence

Competence gives you confidence; confidence in our process, confidence in our clients and candidates; confidence in the future.

3. Courage

We should communicate with courage, to our candidates and our clients. · Have the courage to: – challenge convictions. – have difficult conversations. – to say “No” if necessary.

4. Connect

This is what we do. We bring together great companies and exceptional talent. We practice what we preach. We Connect with our candidates and clients.

5. Courtesy

Even in the world of AI, we are all humans, therefore we must be courteous in all our dealings, with everyone, always…